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The Mindanao Bloggers Summit and Party were undeniably bis successes. But it was not all a miracle drawn from nothing. It was built on the sweat and hard work of a lot of people. I would like to express my gratitude to… The Usual Suspects: Kuya Andrew, Blogie, Dom, Jun, Kim, and Migs; Councilor Peter […]

Here are slide presentations I prepared for my Blogging for Beginners Workshops: Blogging for Beginners: An Introduction

I am now at the Convention Center at the fourth floor of the NCCC Mall of Davao City. The Mindanao Bloggers Summit 2007 has started. Yuga, Marc, Sharms, and Jayvee are here. (Ate Aileen, I miss you! Why are you a flip-flopper???) Migs Hipolito is the host. Blogie Robillo has already given his Welcome Speech. […]

I’ve been writing about my exhilarating experience as a Bread Baking Workshop student. Why, you ask, did I even attend? Less than a year ago, my cousin took over his mother’s business, Mam Beb’s Bakery and Refreshment Parlor. Last summer, I was asked by my cousin to assist him in managing the business, and to […]

The ChiLL Boys


A few weeks ago, I was forced appointed by Team Ch¡LL as their new Team Manager. Ch¡LL is a DotA All-Stars Team based here in Davao City. They won two out of the two major tournaments in the city and is considered by Manila-based teams as a major threat. Having won all their practice games […]