The ChiLL Boys


A few weeks ago, I was forced appointed by Team Ch¡LL as their new Team Manager. Ch¡LL is a DotA All-Stars Team based here in Davao City.

They won two out of the two major tournaments in the city and is considered by Manila-based teams as a major threat. Having won all their practice games against three of the top teams in Manila, some consider Ch¡LL as the sleeping giants in the country’s gaming scene. Although they were recently eliminated in the country qualifiers of the Asian DotA Championships, they remain a force to be reckoned with.

As their team manager, my main tasks are to schedule their games, and handle all their PR. I am also tasked with handling their practice matches, and their participation in tournaments. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of tournaments in the area. Right now, I am working on their participation in Metro Manila tournaments via the GG Game Client service.

My dream is to bring my team to the Philippine Preliminaries of the Asian Cyber Games, and hopefully earn the right to represent the Philippines. But that is a long way to go and a lot of money is necessary for the dream to become a reality.

Inspired by the big success of corporate sponsorship for professional gamers in South Korea, I am currently looking for interested sponsors for my team. It may be a private or a corporate sponsor. As you will see below, my team members are very much marketable. (LOL!)

Burnz Flores
Full Name: Bernard Dale A. Flores
Nicknames: Burnz, Bibi
Age: 19
Birthday: March 1, 1986
Profession: Student, BS Entrepreneurship 2 at the AdDU
Favorite Hero: Queen of Pain

Topher Lopez
Full Name: Christopher Henry M. Lopez
Nicknames: Topher, Top, Bhe
Age: 24
Birthday: October 6, 1983
Profession: Student, BSBA Management 4 at the AdDU
Favorite Hero: Sven

Cocoy Villaroman
Full Names: Franco Z. Villaroman
Nicknames: Cocoy, ƒƒ
Age: 18
Birthday: October 12, 1989
Profession: Student, BS Entrepreneurship 1 at the AdDU
Favorite Hero: Mirana Nightshade

Yukz Perez
Full Names: Rovic John Perez / Yukihiro Hasegawa
Nicknames: Yukz, Daddy
Birthday: December 1988
Profession: Daddy, Certified Professional Bum
Favorite Hero: Sven


ChiLL are open to product endorsements, events appearances, and other forms of media exposure. All ChiLL sponsors will also be given media mileage via my blogs, and all my affiliate websites.


5 Responses to “The ChiLL Boys”

  1. whoah! this is cool.. goodluck to your team! 😉

  2. 2 jayQt

    pwede ako mag sponsor.. contact nyo lang The corporation. haha

  3. 3 ppc.poponomicon

    Goodluck to your team Queen Ria.

    HOpe for all the best. Conquer the world!

  4. 4 mark

    pwd b aq sale?? jejej. . .fav q din sven.. gg. add me. smooper

  5. 5 Cess

    nice work

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