Why I took Bread Making Classes


I’ve been writing about my exhilarating experience as a Bread Baking Workshop student. Why, you ask, did I even attend? Less than a year ago, my cousin took over his mother’s business, Mam Beb’s Bakery and Refreshment Parlor. Last summer, I was asked by my cousin to assist him in managing the business, and to take care of the Marketing and PR tasks.

Lately, my cousin and I have been receiving queries about our products and we don’t have enough idea about it. That is why my aunt decided to make us attend the Basic Bread Baking Workshop at the Center for Asian Culinary Studies here in Davao. And it was a very enriching experience which, I think, will help us with managing the bakery. Eventhough we might never do the actual baking, at least we understand the process, and can make better decisions in terms of choosing suppliers, changing and adjusting recipes, and checking the quality of our products.

Whether you already have a food service business or plan to have one, I suggest enrolling at the CACS to have a better understanding of your products. Similarly, if you are managing or involved in other businesses, it’s good to continually learn and know more about it by taking classes, workshops, and seminars, reading more about it, and doing other educational activities.

For more information about CACS Davao and the classes and workshops they offer, visit their website, email them at cacsdavao@gmail.com or call 300-2227 or at 300-2992. CACS Davao is located in the Holiday Gym and Spa Complex along F. Torres Street, in Davao City.

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