Live Blogging at the Mindanao Bloggers Summit


I am now at the Convention Center at the fourth floor of the NCCC Mall of Davao City. The Mindanao Bloggers Summit 2007 has started. Yuga, Marc, Sharms, and Jayvee are here. (Ate Aileen, I miss you! Why are you a flip-flopper???)

Migs Hipolito is the host. Blogie Robillo has already given his Welcome Speech. The rest of The Usual Suspects are also here: Ria, Andrew, Jun, Dom, and Kim. Volunteers like Gwing and Winston are also here.

Councilor Laviña is now giving his Keynote Speech on “Blogging and Participatory Governance.” He mentioned me as the first blogger to announce the existence of his first blog. He is now explaining how the internet and blogging can be a very good tool to revolutionize governance. Councilor Pete just finished his speech and he was given a bag of pastries from Mam Bebs.

Jim and somebody else won IBM notebooks.

Bob Martin is about to give his talk on “Blogging in Mindanao: Travel and Technology.”

{Offline for a while, had to take care of everybody’s free lunch courtesy of Dimsum Diner.}

Father Alejo is finishing his presentation on “Socio-Cultural Mindset of the Mindanaoan.” Blogie is now presenting the Summit Resolution which is “The Role of Bloggers in Fostering Understanding & Peace in Mindanao.”

Paul just won an award for having the most creative “I am joining” post.

{WiFi is starting to slow down. Lunch is going to be served already.}

Lunch was delicious. Dimsum Diner served pancit bihon, lumpia, fried chicken, and iced tea.

Some bloggers are now introducing their blogs. Kuya Andrew is being asked to introduce Ratified, AHAHA!

More people won prizes including free hosting by NoKiAHosting. And now we’re showing a video from Matt Mullenweg of WordPress. During lunch we also showed a video of Ate Aileen Apolo of Google.

Kim Castillo is now talking about her transition from “Emo Blogging to Niche Blogging.”

Prizes from IBM are being given away. Google stuff from the Google Country Consultant are also being raffled.

Jayvee is now having his talk on “Blogging as a Way of Life: Problogging & New Media.” Cute slides… hehe!

More prizes are being raffled.

The Macalua is now giving a talk on “How Writers Make Money Online.”

People are now “Picking the Brains” of probloggers Jayvee, Marc, Kuya Andrew, Abe, and Bob. They are now sharing how many millionses they earn from blogging.

By the way, Dom is selling cute blog-related shirts. You may see the designs here.

And it’s over!!! But there’s a party later! 😀


13 Responses to “Live Blogging at the Mindanao Bloggers Summit”

  1. 1 superman

    Lunch is going to be served already=basta kaon lagi bah abtik jud kau ka

  2. wohooo! * Chill *

    so laaammmiiggg gttrgrrrtggr

  3. masarap ang milo ice cream sa baba!

  4. Milo Ice Cream… ze official ice cream of ze MBS!

  5. i was here on the summit and won the hosting with domain name ^_^ i’m so happy

  6. I love the summit. We stayed with kuya Blogie till 2:30 siguro yun. Nakapagbeer pa kami sa Fwends Diner. Guys, I’ll be missing you! Hehehe.

  7. Hi Ria – Nice to meet you at the MBS! You and the rest of the team of Usual Suspects did a great job in putting the event together!

  8. the summit was simply great!

    the usual suspects and the mindanao bloggers rock!

  9. Thanks for the mentions Auntie Ria 🙂 I’m happy with the success of the MBS. Congrats to us. I’m not making yet “millionses” from blogging. LOL.

  10. Auntie Ria!!! eto naba bago title nya? hehehe.

    Congrats to us!

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