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This Saturday, expect me to be busy as a bee (as if that’s not my usual state), because I am attending the First Mindanao Bloggers Summit (MBS1). MBS1 is going to be held as part of the 6th Mindanao ICT Congress and 1st BIMP-EAGA ICT Conference. It is going to be held at the NCCC […]

Freelance Jobs: Marketing and PR Consultancy for start-ups, IT Businesses, and other small enterprises I develop Marketing Plans, orient the company’s stakeholders about the Marketing Plan, and mentor through the implementation of the plan. I develop marketing and advertising packages for events. I also write press releases, do actual marketing, negotiate with clients, and finalize […]

Work with Ria is my official Professional and Work blog where I share my work experiences, lessons, and other matters relating to my profession. I am a Speechwriter, Tutor and Workshop Facilitator, a Marketing and PR Consultant, and a Professional Blogger. I also work as the assistant manager of a bakery, researcher, events organizer, team […]