Blogging Tip: Mind Your Grammar


When I first started to blog publicly via Alleba Politics, one of my weakest points was sound grammar. Since I would often blog spontaneously, I would often misspell words or make very long confusing sentences. There would also be times when my sentences would be missing words or I would use the wrong words. In other words, I was a pain in the ass for my blogging boss.

Mind you, I was an English tutor. But when I came to blogging I had a tendency to be lousy. Initially, I didn’t really care about grammar because I thought not a lot of people read my blog anyway. But I realized that poor grammar was a big bane considering I was blogging about serious issues and matters.

Through time, I developed a more organized way of blogging. I was able to organize my thoughts better, and this translated to better posts with better grammar. Consequently, this also affected the quality of my blog’s content. No more did I blog for the sake of blogging. Rather, I took my ideas and opinions carefully, and presented them in a way that it would be relevant and reliable to my readers. Presenting them in correct grammar, in organized paragraphs, with carefully chosen words also helped me gain readers and sustain their interest in my blogs. Having the correct spelling, mind you, can also help you in the SEO sense.

Correct grammar is a must for most types of blogs. But then, a blogger must also keep in mind his content, and his readers. For example in my personal blog, I write with less grammatical restrictions. In fact, I sometimes purposely break grammatical rules to emphasize a point. While in my entertainment blog, I sometimes write with a mix of vernacular and colloquial language.

Nonetheless, I still keep in mind the basic rules of grammar when writing for all my 9 blogs. I often refer to my Elements of Style book to check on my grammar. My blogging boss also checks on my entries to see if I committed errors. and are very useful in finding the correct spelling of words and choosing the appropriate words to express myself. Obviously, I do not always have the perfect blog posts so I am also very open to criticisms and corrections from others.

So before you press that publish button, do yourself and your readers a favor… check on your grammar. 🙂


2 Responses to “Blogging Tip: Mind Your Grammar”

  1. i think one wouldn’t go wrong so long as he writes as he speaks and does so in a sound way. we are not immune to mistakes but i agree that we have to check on ourselves. Most of us are not born with skill, one would have to dwell on it to cultivate.

    great post.. thanks.

  2. YEY! Somebody actually read this blog. Thank you, Paolo!

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