Will Write for Load


Last night, a former client sent me an SMS asking if I could write an opening prayer for a conference today at 8 am. She sent it to me at 10 pm and I was already home with no internet access and no more plan to go out as I still had tons of things to do offline. So we agreed that I would just send the prayer via SMS (thanks to Globe’s unlimited texting service*), and she would pay me by sending me load.

So there you go… in case of emergency need for prayers, speeches, essays, and other written pieces, you may commission me, for PhP0.75 per word. Payment maybe via electronic transfer, or cellphone load. Haha!

By the way, here’s the prayer I wrote in ten minutes…

Let us remember that we are in the holy presence of the Lord.

God Almighty, we are grateful for this day, this opportunity to gather our talented students so that our able speakers can impart not just knowledge but wisdom.

We implore your presence among us today so you may guide us in this endeavor. Lead us into the path of the truth so that we may be instruments of your love and goodness. Help us as we exhcange ideas and encourage the growth of each other so we may use our talents and skills to bring positive change and development in our society. We ask for your divine wisdom so that we may understand and imbibe the lessons and values that we will be given today.

We thank you for the safe arrival and successful participation of our attendees today. Thank you for the support of our organizers, resource persons, sponsors, and guests. May we all appreciate this opportunity for growth and learn from this conference.

All these we pray, through the grace of your son Jesus Christ.



2 Responses to “Will Write for Load”

  1. Hehehe. Adik sa load! ;D

  2. ilang words kaya lahat? pila ka load na send? hehe.

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