Basapa’s 2007 Top Pinoy ProBloggers


Basapa has released his 2007 Top Pinoy ProBloggers list. Not surprisingly, Abe “Yugatech” Olandres is the top man.


Others in the top five are:
2) Bryan Boy – no surprise there!
3) The most controversial young blogger Carl Ocab
4) Eugene “Seav” Villar
5) Blogging Overlord J. Angelo Racoma

Other popular (based on the fact I who they are – LOL!) bloggers on the list are:
8 ) Rickey Yaneza
9) Connie “Sassy” Veneracion
11) Shai Coggins
14) My cousin Andrew dela Serna
16) Shari “Misteryosa” Cruz
17) Karlo “Pinoy Blogero” Licudine
19) Jayvee Fernandez
20) Noemi Lardizabal-Dado
21) Marhgil Macuha
22) Tess Termulo
24) Markku Seguerra
28) Rico Mossesgeld
30) Paolo Mendoza
34) Sasha Manuel
35) Mike Abundo

Basapa based his rankings on the the blogs’ blog juice. Although, it’s a good gauge of bloggers’ rankings (and I salute Basapa for the effort, he should be given a medal people), I think it’s very limited. Do we just measure a ProBlogger’s success on blog juice? I don’t think Alexa and Bloglines are still good gauges of blogs’ success. Nonetheless, the list gives us a good basis for ranking the Top Pinoy Bloggers. Paging Mr. Ratified, you might want to come up with a similar list using your Ratified metrics.

By the way, I’m happy to note I was mentioned as “Bubbling Under,” along with Manuel Viloria.


This makes me happy because I was regarded as a *ehem*PROBLOGGER*ehem*.

I’m already excited to know how the Pinoy Blogsphere will be in 2008. Hopefully, I will be able to get into the top list already. And I hope Basapa will use this picture of mine in case he needs it for next year, at least until I get a better photo…

Til next year Pinoy ProBloggers! 😉


2 Responses to “Basapa’s 2007 Top Pinoy ProBloggers”

  1. I never thought that I would be included with one of my most respected idols! Hahaha.

    I agree with your opinion that the rankings should not be based purely on blog juice. ^_^ There are other factors that should be factored in. But then again, I would like to salute Basapa for his(?) efforts of compiling all of them. ^_^

    Happy blogging!

  2. Awesome blog! I look forward to more info, count me in as a new subscriber 🙂

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