2007 Blogs’ Achievements


Here’s a summary of some of my blogs’ achievements for 2007:

  • My Davao City, Shop Chicks, and Chikadora were nominated for the Philippine Blog Awards (nominated lang, LOL!)
  • Two of my blogs are in the Top 100 Blogs of Ratified.org
  • chikadora-ratified.jpg

  • Mentioned as “Bubbling Under” in Basapa’s Top Pinoy Bloggers 2007
  • 6 of my 11 blogs are in Mindanao’s Top 100 Blogs for 2007
  • 9. http://www.dotastrategy.com
    16. http://www.chikadora.com
    24. http://politics.alleba.com
    29. http://riajose.wordpress.com
    39. http://www.mydavaocity.com
    59. http://www.shopchicks.com

  • Life with Ria is Number 35 in Paolo’s 75 Learnings from the Blogs


    I’m wishing for more achievements and recognition come 2008. Of course, I would have to work hard for it though. 😉


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