Planning a Wedding


I am helping out a friend plan and get everything ready for her wedding two months from now. And it has been hectic. We decided against getting a wedding planner / coordinator to do everything for us since it would be quite expensive and the couple is on a budget. Instead we are getting a wedding coordinator to help out just on the day itself, and we are doing everything else on our own.

I am already excited since it has been one of my dreams (CHAR!) to be a wedding coordinator. I actually offered myself to be wedding coordinator months ago. But the couple has been busy with other things so we just started getting to work recently.

Our major concerns as of this moment are:

  • Marriage Requirements and Documents
  • Church and Reception Venue
  • Entourage
  • Guest List and Invitations
  • Floral Arrangements
  • Bridal Gown, Groom’s Outfit, Entourage’s Dresses
  • Reception Program
  • Photography and Videography

And our minor concerns include:

  • Hair and Make-up
  • Bridal Car
  • Mass Misalette (correct spelling, yes?)
  • Seating Arrangement
  • Food and Wedding Cake

We’re on a tight budget, and an even tighter schedule. The documents and requirements have already been processed since last month.

We have already decided on the church and reception venues. Both are just the right size for our projected number of people.

The entourage list is yet to be finalized as not everybody has been informed that they are on the list. The guest list is final pending changes by the groom’s parents, and the invitations will be out by next week. Once the list is finalized, we’ll make the seating arrangement.

We are still looking at and comparing florists’ and photgraphers’ packages and services. We already know who our designer will be and he will be taking care of the gowns, accessories, and even the veil, cord and pillows for the arrhae and rings. However, his price quotations are quite out of budget so we’re having second thoughts.

We haven’t even talked about the program yet except that the couple wants the entourage to dance. I am part of the entourage and EW! An important thing that we have to remember is pick the people who are going to make speeches.

The bride’s hair and make up will be done by her trusted friend who is a hair stylist and make up artist. She was some kinda of a sort of a model before so she has her own stylists who already know her style, her hair, and her face well. Nonetheless, we’ll have a trial. I also plan to have the couple have manicures, pedicures, and facials.

I think we’re borrowing a friend’s car to be used as the bridal car.

Just like the program, we still don’t know what to do with the misalette yet.

The reception venue is going to provide the food but we still have to decide on the menu. The cake will be made by a popular cake maker. It’s gonna be beautiful. I want a good chocolate fountain because well, I love chocolate. HAHA!

Our motif is mint green with a touch of light pink. It’s so nice I tell you.

Right now, since we’re doing everything on our own, we decide based on our budget. We use magazines and the internet (of course) to help us out with some stuff.

Some sites that might be of help to those planning their weddings are:
Twisted Wedding Planner
Martha Stewart
Monique Lhuillier for gown designs
and of course… Google for everything we wanted to search for!

I didn’t know I’d be this excited about the wedding but I am. I really am. 🙂

Please refer to Events By Ria for more wedding services and information.


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