Davao Bloggers’ Food Trip


After the successful trips to Zakoya where we enjoyed a Japanese Buffet, and Taj Minar where we had a spicy Indian lunch, Davao bloggers are going to enjoy more delicious free food.

Tomorrow, we will be enjoying lunch at Belly’s Grill. I hope they will serve us their heavenly baked scallops, grilled seafoods, and heart attack-inducing meat dishes. YUMMY!

On January 19, we will troop over to Salutti for some Italian snacks. EXCITING! To sign up for the Salutti leg of the Davao Bloggers’ Food Trip, go to Blogie’s blog.

After Salutti, I hear we’re going to a local hotel to have some of their food. More details soon!


One Response to “Davao Bloggers’ Food Trip”

  1. 1 Bong4

    i often read ur blogs ’bout davao…and would it be too much if the next time u go for food “tasting” or is it “testing”..?? :)…kindly include the mode of payments they accept…(visa .mastercard,amex..etc…) ty

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