Blogging is a Learning Experiences


…and other bloopers from my Talk in Pisay!


The title of this post was supposed to be my closing statement during my Talk in PSHS-SMC about Blogging. It was the third of my major bloopers during my less than one hour talk. OUCH!


PSHS-SMC stands for Philippine Science High School – Southern Mindanao Campus. It’s the school where I studied high school. It was kinda nice to go back to the campus. What surprised me the most was the trees in the garden that were now full grown. Other than that, the campus pretty much stayed the same. I saw some familiar faces but didn’t have time to chat and reminisce.

Shortly after I arrived, come-backing The Usual Suspects member Marc Javellana also arrived. We waited for some time at the Registrar’s office then went up the third floor, inside the 4-Neutron room. The sections were still assigned to the same room when I studied there.


I introduced myself, and Marc introduced himself. After we had both introduced ourselves, Kuya Andrew, Winston, and Jun also arrived and I introduced them to the group. Shy raw sila eh. The audience was composed of the editors and staff of both the English and Filipino publications.


After a while, I started my presentation. It was a shaky start. I was blubbering and incoherent. Kuya said some of the things I discussed were unnecessary. Huhu! But true… But I got my footing and was able to become interesting and not boring! I explained some reasons why I and the other blogs and the benefits of blogging. I wasn’t able to elaborate on its demands though.


I ended the presentation with some sample blogs. First of which was supposed to be mine but I errr… forgot to screencap my own blog. STUUUPID! AND I also forgot to screencap Councilor Laviña‘s blog. Kuya Andrew, sadly, took photos of my booboos… LOL! I also think I was able to elaborate on some things well. On the brighter side of things, I think I was able to relate some nice blogging experiences well enough for them to be encouraged to blog.


And yeah, I tried to end my presentation with an emphatic “Blogging is a learning experiences” statement. But I realized my mistake and recovered. Quick thinking led me to a better ending and I think I was able to get my point across well enough. 🙂 All in all I think it was a good presentation.

Before we left, Marc donated a book he was given by a publisher to be reviewed.


It wouldn’t have been possible without the persistence of Mikko to make the event happen.

I think I was good enough because Mikko, texted me and told me he received good feedback and some people said I wasn’t boring. Plus Gerwin John D. Rodriguez immediately blogged about the event. LOL!


7 Responses to “Blogging is a Learning Experiences”

  1. Waaaa, yagit ako masyado sa picture na yan.

    It was good, very good. A clubmate even asked me if you had teaching experience. Mas magaling ka pa daw sa substitute teacher namin sa Chem! Hehehe.

  2. color of the day …. Green! animo! nvm. hahaha. lols. perting ngisi ni Ria …. lipay kaayo sya… she is so inspired. hmmmm. hehe.

    great crowd! hope more time… para maki social sa mga pisay.. hehe.

  3. ops… i forgot to mention … the day Marc comeback … hehe. Miss you Marc …. *winks*


  5. @Mikko, Yup, I have teaching experience and I looove public speaking. Shaky start though.

  6. Hehe… Salamat sa link ate ha. Sabi niyo eh, a blog is anything you want it to be! Then, diretso type na! Haha… 😀

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