The Role of Bloggers in the Philippine 2010 Elections


Filipino bloggers have certainly caused quite a stir online and offline, from Malu Fernandez to Desperate Housewives, atheism and theism, ethics and misrepresentation, Filipino bloggers certainly have mouthfuls blogfulls to say about issues.

This year, Filipino bloggers were given by a heavy task by Janette Toral. She tagged several Filipino bloggers, me included, to tackle in our respective blogs, the important issues that should be brought up during the 2010 Philippine Presidential Elections. A lot of the bloggers tagged, (again) me included, found the task daunting and very challenging. It actually took us quite a while to get the ball rolling.

More and more of us are joining in on the campaign for greater awareness, more critical minds, and making informed choices. The elections is one of few opportunities for citizens to participate and be active in nation-building. As new media publishers, as bloggers, we have the opportunity, a golden chance, to make a difference. While we may not have one same opinion, we all have the same opportunity to express it. And our differing opinions, may, hopefully, not remain just published words, but catalysts for change, a well of information for many others.

But while we have the opportunity to inform, to influence, we also have the responsibility and the accountability to make our opinions balanced, our views substantiated, our information well-researched and well-thought out.

Now is the time to really speak up, voice out, be opinionated, make noise.

Here’s my initial post on the Important Issues for 2010.


2 Responses to “The Role of Bloggers in the Philippine 2010 Elections”

  1. In Cebu bloggers meet-up (Feb. 7, 2008), Janette Toral shared her insights about the role of bloggers in the 2010 elections. As newbie in blogging I learned valuable insights from her.

    I agree, while blogger has the right to “say”, it also calls for greater sense of responsibility by writing balanced opinions.

    In 2007 elections, I’ve stumbled upon many sites that explicitly favor certain politicians. If they were bloggers or just paid to write just for elections – that’s beyond my knowledge. And likewise beyond our control. As we inch to 2010, its really a good start to talk about it.

  2. @Batang Buotan, I hope I was able to motivate you. 🙂

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