Blogging for Internet Marketing


This was my second presentation at the Blogging Seminar at the Notre Dame of Marbel University.

I defined Marketing and Internet Marketing. I also presented and explained some Internet Marketing Methods, and showed some blogs that are used for Internet Marketing.

There was also a discussion on the advantages and limitations of using a blog for marketing. The presentation ended with some practical tips on how to succeed.


12 Responses to “Blogging for Internet Marketing”

  1. maikli lang pala? hehehe nice work ate ri.

  2. I don’t think you can beat a content rich blog myself.

  3. @Winston… it had to be brief and simple because majority of the audience members weren’t bloggers yet… and college students with short attention span.

  4. How’s the reactions by the way?

  5. The audience was responsive. 🙂 They liked the presentation and seemed interested in Blogging.

  6. Wow that’s good. I wonder why the majority of the Bloggers are Pinoy hahaha.

  7. I believe bogs marketing have the huge advantages

  8. 8 ultradust

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    -Marie for Jomar Hilario

  9. Interesting!
    Logan Pierson

  10. Good presentation! I especially agree that it is extremely important for business marketing online to be innovative so that they can attract people by standing out and being different.

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  1. 1 Blogs » Blogging for Internet Marketing Work With Ria

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