Managing Your Online Reputation


A certain blogger has been barraged by an onslaught of damaging labels and accusations. But instead of getting worried and defending himself, said blogger has been basking in the publicity he has gotten from the accusations. Should he or shouldn’t he?

In my opinion, as a blogger who works in the IT industry, this person should be deathly concerned with these accusations. Not only should he defend himself, he effectively manage his online reputation. One’s online reputation is very important in making an impression, an image, one’s own branding of himself.

At least one of his colleagues, employees, and potential clients are surely to stumble upon these accusations. And whether these are valid or baseless, will have little bearing on its impact on those who will read it. When people read the negative write-ups, they will already have a skewed image of the person involved, especially when these write-ups are numerous.

One’s online reputation is very important in building credibility, especially for a professional striving to gain clients via the internet. This is not important not only for those in the IT industry, but also those selling online or for businesses and professionals who have negligible online presence.

I, for one, have been getting clients for my wedding coordination services via the internet, and one small complaint against me (whether true or not) can greatly affect my business. So it is important for me to manage my and my business’ online reputation.

A certain restaurant also knows it is important to manage their online reputation well. This is why they scrambled to get on the good side of an influential blogger who wrote a bad experience with their establishment.

After all, who would go to a restaurant reputed to have bad service? And who will hire a professional, no matter how talented he is, if he is unethical or is at least rumored to be unethical?

Remember that a good online reputation helps build your credibility. And credibility can make or break your business. Unless you are in show business, negative publicity is never good.


2 Responses to “Managing Your Online Reputation”

  1. oo nga 🙂 hehehe..

  2. uy sino yan?? pakibulong naman sakin 😀

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