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All interested advertisers, bloggers, and other online publishers are invited to be part of our upcoming New Media Company. As a company based in Davao City, we will be concentrating our efforts on Mindanao-based entities. We are, however, not limiting our business to the area. We will be announcing our complete list of services soon. […]

It has been my dream to have my byline on a newspaper. And it has finally come true. It has happened before but it was an overly emo essay that I’m not really proud of. So anyway, I am happy that my article on the Davao Blogging Community. It’s on page 16 of the first […]

I’ve been using Google Reader for quite a while. I find it very useful and helps me keep my blog hopping focused and organized. However, I can’t seem to find the button or function which would allow me to edit or rename my folders (or tags). While I’m on the topic let me say that […]

When we think of Social Networking, we think of Friendster, MySpace, Facebook, and Multiply, among others, and immediately think of profiles, photos, videos, comments, and fun applications. So what does it have to do with eBusiness, you ask? Social networking isn’t just for getting in touch with people, exchanging stories, and flirting. It’s also for […]

Last Saturday, March 1, 2008, some members of The Usual Suspects conducted a Blogging Seminar organized by the Department of Trade and Industry Office. The seminar was specifically designed for entrepreneurs who are part of the One Town, One Product Program in Region XI. The seminar was held at the PhilNits which is equipped with […]