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People often ask me a lot of questions being that I consider myself a “professional blogger.” First, of course is they ask me how I became a “professional blogger.” While blogging started as a hobby, an outlet for all my emo-ness (sometimes it still is), I now treat it as a job through which I […]

There’s a connection problem with the WiFi here at a local cafe. I can’t connect to Google Talk. I can’t access Google, or any Google Site. I can’t access, among others: Google Reader Google Mail and all Google Apps Mail Accounts Blogger / Blogspot Google Adsense Google Analytics Google Docs Google Calendar And YouTube is […]

Click to see full-sized image at source. I found the comic from The Joy of Tech very funny, mostly because I can relate to it. Well, it’s not really funny. I’ve been cranky lately because of work-related stress. Having more 1 one job is very, very stressful. And the universe aligned the stars so all […]



I know of somebody who graduated university from a top school here in the Philippines and graduated with honors from a Master’s program in a top university in USA. But when he came back and started job-hunting, he had a very hard time finding a job. Not that he was picky. He was always turned […]