A part of a group made up of mostly techie people, I am often at a loss when they start discussing techie stuff such as gadget specs, programming and coding, hardware and software maintenance, and other such things.

When The Edge featured some tech blogs, I was sooo sad that I was the only one in our group who doesn’t have a techie blog. So I decided to make my own tech blog, designed specifically for non-techie people like me. But Ate Aileen told me she’d invite me to be a contributor to You Got Tech (YGT) instead.

Just like me, Ate Aileen is a not so techie person whose work is in the techie industry (although I think she’s more techie than me). That’s why she started YGT to help people like me understand tech more. YGT is THE tech blog for non-techies.

And now I am a contributor there. In fact, Kuya Andrew (a techie elitist who is mean to non-techies like me) made a video of me and my Neo Empriva a couple of months ago, and it is now online at YGT along with other videos and blog entries on techie ideas and topics.

But that’s not my entry yet. And I’m looking for a great topic I could post about. Do have a techie question or topic you’d like me to try to answer in a non-techie way?


3 Responses to “Contributor”

  1. 1 jaydj

    Congrats and welcome to YGT ! 🙂
    i have yet to post rin eh…. ladies first ? 😉

  2. I think I might have a good suggestion for one of your posts at YGT — how to use Gmail. See, I’m seeing a lot more people using Gmail now, but very few who really appreciate all that it can do. Maybe you could blog about that, including Google Docs and such.

    Congrats on your entry into! 🙂

  3. @JayDJ, LOL!

    @Kuya Blogie, Hmmm…. Sige. I shall use my izkillz in screen capturing and video editing. 😀

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