Learning How to Vlog


A couple of years ago, I was almost never out of the house and often bored. That was when I started exploring the Microsoft Movie Maker. I used it to compile photos of me and my cousins and make videos. I also made videos of my high school batch. But all those are gone. Explanation too long. 😛

Recently, I got inspired by Ate Aileen to start editing videos again by using Microsoft Movie Maker. I used the program to make videos for my posts about the different restaurants we visited for the Davao Food Appreciation Tour. But after making some videos, I found the MS Movie Maker to be quite limited in terms of features and functions. I figured that using the same effects over and over again would make my videos look like each other, and thus, boring.

That was when I started to use ULead. Although I am still struggling with adjusting to ULead, especially with file conversion and file types, I am having sooo much fun. Recently, I’ve been taking more videos than photos of our Davao Bloggers’ activities, and the things I do.

I might not be as witty or interesting as Happy Slip, but I’m having soo much fun. with video editing. It has definitely opened an opportunity for my limited creative to expand. And yes, it has given my blogs new life.

As a blogger, I feel that learning how to vlog is a step forward towards creating and providing more dynamic, exciting, and interesting new content that will keep my readers interested. I hope I don’t get bored with it.

Visit a Davao Hotel soon. 😉


2 Responses to “Learning How to Vlog”

  1. 1 Ryan

    I also want to start vlogging but I do not have the time to create even a 2-minute clip. Anyway. You can use Muvee autoProducer. I have used it before doing our video report and although it’s more complicated than Movie Maker you won’t have problems dealing with different file types.

  2. Glad you are finding vlogging to be exciting. Yes it is more dynamic and a little more intimate than blogging. But what I really want to know is, how do you become a professional blogger? Are you actually getting paid to blog?

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