I know of somebody who graduated university from a top school here in the Philippines and graduated with honors from a Master’s program in a top university in USA. But when he came back and started job-hunting, he had a very hard time finding a job. Not that he was picky. He was always turned down. The main reason was… he was “overqualified.”

My friend then shared to me that some HR managers tell applicants that they are “overqualified” to mean one or all of these:

  • We can’t afford you.
  • You are a threat to me or my colleagues.

At a time when good jobs are hard to come by and people try hard to get as much academic and professional credentials as possible. But when one applies for good jobs, jobs they have been trained for, they get turned down because they are “overqualified.” This presents a very difficult situation wherein a determined job seeker must present himself as being “qualified” but not “overqualified” for the job he is applying for.

So how does one become qualified without being “overqualified?” That I do not know. The answer to this probably depends on the industry one is in, and the nature of the job one is applying for.

Any ideas?


3 Responses to “Overqualified?”

  1. maybe leave out some details in his curriculum vitae and make it look “less threatening” to future employers.

    that is, if he is that desperate for a job.

    if this still does not work, give up and go professional blogging just like ate ria here. Yehey!

  2. I don’t know what “somebody” went to school for but from the sound of it he/she is better off starting his/her own business.

  3. I heard of applicants who are over qualified before & doesn’t get the job. I still can’t believe that believe that level of knowledge are “overqualified” & doesn’t get hired. Confusing
    Maybe your friend could see it as a blessing in disguise & probably open up a new business of his own. Our country needs local business people that are owned by Filipinos. I’m not saying that we should eradicate foreign businessman. I know it is a big help to our economy & source of income. I’m just saying that we need to stand on our own like what happened to Japan.

    A peace of mind to you.

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