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I found the comic from The Joy of Tech very funny, mostly because I can relate to it. Well, it’s not really funny. I’ve been cranky lately because of work-related stress. Having more 1 one job is very, very stressful. And the universe aligned the stars so all my jobs would all be high-pressured at exactly the same time.

After reading about bloggers who have died due to stress, and after learning that Ate Aileen and Kuya Andrew are also “techno-stressed,” I am now panicking, sort of.

Of my 4 major jobs, two are online-related which requires me to go online everyday (including weekends and holidays). The other, though not based online, still requires me to do online tasks such as researching and minor blogging, and many word processing, spreadsheet and presentation tasks. Add to this my newfound “hobby” of video editing. And my other hobby, DotA also involves computers. Nohoo!!!

While playing DotA relieves some stress and allows me to vent my anger and stress, it does not fully allow me to relax.

So what do we do techno-stressed people? Any suggestions?

I don’t want to die yet. 😦


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