Some Notes on Blogging


Countryside Blogger

People often ask me a lot of questions being that I consider myself a “professional blogger.”

First, of course is they ask me how I became a “professional blogger.” While blogging started as a hobby, an outlet for all my emo-ness (sometimes it still is), I now treat it as a job through which I earn money and develop myself professionally. Daily (including weekends and holidays), I open my laptop, read, research, and blog because I feel like as a blogger who earns money from blogging, it is my duty to blog diligently and excellently. Needless to say, I have not perfected blogging, but I think I have improved. And I earn a pretty decent living out of it.

People then ask me, “how do you earn from blogging?” I earn from blogging in two major ways:

  • Ads placed on my blogs, and
  • Jobs I get through blogging

It’s not as simple as it sounds though, it involves third party ad servers, some marketing, both online and offline, and a lot of hard work.

People also ask how much I earn from blogging. It’s not much I tell you, and I prefer not to discuss the details. It’s not as much as other bloggers earn, but more than enough for me because I’d blog even without the money.

Finally, people ask how they can also earn from blogging. I used to give long and complicated answers which most people do not really understand or get. After a while, I realized… the answer is really simple, blog well… and by blogging well, it doesn’t just mean writing. Blogging well entails writing, reading, and engaging your readers and other bloggers, as well, into a discussion via commenting. Again, sounds quite simple, but it is hard work. At this point I think, it is best to quote Seth Godin:

The best bloggers make money, but mostly as a side effect, not as a direct result of setting out to use a blog to make a profit. It’s just too long a ramp up time, too frustrating and too uncertain to be the best path to make a living.

So there… blog, not for the money alone, but because it is what you want to do. That’s what I do. 🙂

3 Responses to “Some Notes on Blogging”

  1. I agree.

    Most people think that once they start blogging, money will have to start flowing in. They end up, uhm, frustrated.

    Problogging entails patience and perserverance. If I did not persevere this much, I shouldn’t have earned this amount of decent allowance.


  2. Some of us just blog
    for the sake of blogging.
    thanks for the info

  3. I started blogging for curiosity’s sake, then as a hobby. I had learned to love blogging that I got hooked to it quite sooner than I expected.

    Finally some pop-up ads enticed me to blog and earn.I tried several of them but after waiting for sometime nothing happened. Then Adbrite responded relatively faster than the rest.

    Now, what a way to enjoy doing what I love to do! Blog and earn. Thanks to a dear friend who introduced me to the world of blogging.

    Now, I feel I am obliged to blog. And do it with utmost responsibility while striving to make it interesting for others.

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