Post-iBlog 4 Thoughts


April 26, 2008 was the day my life as a blogger started changing. (NAKS!)

My talk

That day, I attended my first bloggers’ event in Metro Manila. It was also the first one I attended as a participant, and the first major one I attended as a speaker. The process of preparing for my talk was a hard one. The topic “Countryside Blogging: the Mindanao Experience” was both broad and limiting. It was broad because it didn’t point to any topic I had to discuss. And it was limiting because the title itself portrayed a certain image that I didn’t want to embody. But I think, based on the mostly positive feedback I got, I did a good job at interpreting the title. I am happy that I and the rest of the Avatar group: Blogie, Winston, Kuya Andrew, and Migs, were able to represent Mindanao Bloggers well. More than sharing our experiences and achievements, I think we were able to inspire others in empowering or enabling their communities through their blogs.

Somebody asked me how much I earn as a problogger. And I answered her: “I don’t consider myself a pro because of how much I earn, but based on how diligently I blog, and because of what I am able to achieve through my blogs.” While earning from blogging is definitely something I do, I do not blog mainly to profit. And while I get excited by high traffic, I am more excited by insightful comments, even when the ideas presented are different from mine.

During iBlog 4, the topics I enjoyed most were those by Juned Sunido about photography and by Atty. JJ Disini about the Legal Challenges in Blogging. I enjoyed these the most as they gave practical and useful information that I could certainly use. Moreover, their talks challenged me to be a better blogger.

Juned talked so passionately about photoblogging that I was more encouraged to develop or at least try to improve a bit the photography in my blogs. Similarly, the talk on Video Blogging by Aileen Apolo and Coy Caballes also encouraged me to vlog more and not be intimidated by what I don’t know or not have. Meanwhile, Disini was effective in making a technical and “nosebleed” topic sound simple and practical. He didn’t mumble law jargon, rather, he made me understand the practical stuff I need to do and need to avoid as a blogger.

I also had a thrill listening to Manuel “Manolo” L Quezon III (MLQ3) speak about Blogging and the 2010 Elections. I was at awe at his passion for politics and social change. The panel discussion made me realize that marami pa akong kakaining bigas (I need to do a lot of work) before I can call myself a true and effective political blogger.

More than the talks and the lessons and challenges it presented, I was overwhelmed by the entire experience of attending the event, meeting new bloggers, being exposed to different groups, ideas, and passions. It was stressful, but certainly something I would like to experience again.

See you next year! (I hope!) Meanwhile, I’ll ponder and use the many lessons and challenges I encountered during iBlog 4.

Video of my talk here.

Photos by Winston.


9 Responses to “Post-iBlog 4 Thoughts”

  1. Wow super delayed nga hehe 😀

    Nainspire ako dun sa talk. Sana ganyan din ang Dagupan bloggers pero parang hanggang “sana” lang yun as of now

  2. 2 Norbert

    I enjoyed listening to your talk. you were great on the stage 🙂

  3. 3 Blogie

    “I don’t consider myself a pro because of how much I earn, but based on how diligently I blog, and because of what I am able to achieve through my blogs.”

    Very well put, Ria! I couldn’t have said it any better. 🙂

  4. wow! so timely! lolz

  5. Thank you Ria for taking time and sharing your insight at iBlog4. Cheers!

  6. Checked the video and i like it. Congrats Ria!

  7. Vlog na dali! =)

  8. 8 Puypuy

    Hey there, san kaya makakakita ng pics nung IBLOG ;-D Yung lahat? 🙂

  9. Thank you for sharing your insight at iBlog4. I enjoyed listening to your the most, and i learned a lot from it. thanks for the ideas

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