Being on Time


Two of the things I hate most are being late and waiting for other people. As somebody who maintains multiply jobs, I have days during which my schedule is tight, and there is no room for error. It is on these days, when I set my phone or my Google Calendar to alarm multiple times, not just to wake me up, but also to remind me of the small things, even the people I have to text. On these days, small deviations from my set or planned schedule really piss me off, especially when it is caused by something insignificant, or somebody being stupid, disrespectful or incompetent.

With the advent of technology, I don’t really find any good excuse for people to be late. Or if they are going to be late, there is absolutely no excuse for them not to (AT LEAST) inform me that they are going to be late. No, not having load or having your phone’s battery die out is not a valid excuse, especially when you use that excuse often.

Being on time, especially for professionals and entrepreneurs, is very important. Being on time means accomplishing tasks and submitting things before the deadline. Being on time means showing up on time, PREPARED and READY. Being on time no wasted time and resources.

Being on time means you respect the other people involved. Making other people wait, on the other hand, is not just annoying, it is disrespectful, self-centered, and unproductive.

I may not be on time all the time, but I do make a conscious effort to be on time most of the time, and to inform others if I am going to be late. And if I’m late, I apologize and work double time to make sure I make up for the time lost for being late.

Being on time means you value your work, your client, your own time.


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