Getting Inspiration for Blogging


The past few days, I’ve been on a hyperactive blogging mode churning out 5 – 10 blog posts per day, some containing videos. But today, I felt un-inspired. I focused most of my time dealing with clients and potential clients, answering emails, sending payment details, and such.

Usually, on days like this I churn out only 1 blog post, or sometimes, none at all. But today, I have already posted two and this one is my third. The first blog post was inspired by watching over and over again the video I made last night. The second one was inspired by a short trip to the grocery. And this third one is inspired by a Plurk.

So how do I get out of being un-inspired to blog? I go on with my life and do other things. I attend to business and work, I run errands, read emails, read the news, blog hop, browse through social networking sites and Plurk. Sometimes, like today, I bought something related to one of my blog niches. I bought a fashion magazine hoping to see something interesting to blog about.

Another thing that inspires me or gives me new ideas for blogging is obsessing over my site statistics. Looking through my site statistics gives me sparks of idea, new topics, new perspectives on keywords already associated with my blog(s).

Sometimes, I re-visit old posts, and do a fresh take on them, either on the same blog, or another one. I guess maintaining 10+ blogs gives me that benefit.

I also ask for ideas from other people, things they might want to know or ask me. Sometimes a question or statement on Twitter or Plurk gives me ideas on what to blog about. People say Plurking keeps them from blogging. Me, on the other hand, get inspiration from Plurk, even Friendster, Multiply, and YouTube can become a gold mine of ideas for blogging topics.

There are so many ways and places to get inspiration for blogging. My suggestion is, just go on with your life. Interact with people. Dick around the internet if you want. Twit. Plurk. Go to the grocery. Do whatever you normally do. Sometimes the simplest things or tasks can inspire you to blog.

Have fun! 🙂


5 Responses to “Getting Inspiration for Blogging”

  1. hmmm… i think you might considering somebody to delegate your work? hehehe.. kidding! cheers.

  2. 2 Poyt

    Dick around LOL

  3. great tip ria… 🙂 will do exactly that.. 🙂 cheers!

  4. Cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Cheers!!!!!!!!!!

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