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The Club is looking for part-time writers and bloggers who are interested in writing about the following topics: Elections Travel Business Palawan OFW Filipino Migrants Advertisements

The Edge Davao features bloggers again. This time, Manila bloggers who joined the Chowking event are on the spotlight…

Time to get your hands off your keyboard, and your eyes off your monitor… it’s time to get social, bloggers!!! What: Davao Bloggers’ Party 2008 When: 7 pm, June 14, 2008 Where: Toto’s Bar, Casa Leticia, J. Camus Street, Davao City Who: Davao bloggers of all shapes, sizes, interests, platforms, and niches

Being on Time


Two of the things I hate most are being late and waiting for other people. As somebody who maintains multiply jobs, I have days during which my schedule is tight, and there is no room for error. It is on these days, when I set my phone or my Google Calendar to alarm multiple times, […]