WordCamp is 8 Days Away


Campers' Badge
Sample Camper’s Badge

Tomorrow, Kuya Andrew and I will be flying to Manila via the Cebu Pacific to start preparing for WordCamp Philippines. On Sunday afternoon, I will be meeting up with volunteers, to go through our tasks and schedule.

Then on Tuesday, I will be speaking at the Y4IT at UP Diliman. It’s not a WordCamp related event, but my topic will be WordPress.

My WordCamp Badge
Sample Badge for Organizers, Sponsors, and Speakers

We will also be taking care of venue arrangements, sorting and mailing of the shirts, assembly of the kits with the CDs, arrangement and double checking of the badges, and the testing of the barcode readers provided by Lane Systems. And of course, the food. Preparations for lunch, and coffee are still underway. Rest assured, there will be food for all registered participants. Cross your fingers that it will be a good one. 😛

Friday next week, September 5, is ingress day. Everything will be finalized and settled there. STRESS! STRESS! STRESS!

Again, thank you to our event sponsors:


2 Responses to “WordCamp is 8 Days Away”

  1. All are excited for WordCamp Philippines.. 🙂 And, I am one of them… I will fly from Zamboanga just to attend this event. Also, I want to attend the Y4IT in UP but I just can’t… See you!

  2. All the best Ria to this forthcoming event. Hope you can get someone to record your Y4IT talk. Congrats again to the “usual suspects” for making this project a big hit!

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