Thank You to the WordCamp Volunteers!


People have been blogging left and right (modesty aside) about how WordCamp Philippines is such a big success, how they enjoyed it, and love it to bits. Let me tell you a secret, it’s not just the Mindanao Bloggers and Juned who made it successful. We couldn’t have done it without the tireless efforts of our beloved volunteers, bloggers and CSB students alike.


They were the ones there who arrived shortly after 6 am, on September 6, 2008 to make sure your badges were in order, the barcode readers were working, the kits and shirts complete, the sponsors, speakers and VIP taken care of, and the campers happy and content.

If I could only hire these people for my company, or to work with, I really, really would. I have no complaints whatsoever. They did their jobs, without complaining. Well, some of them did. They complained they didn’t have enough tasks. LOL!

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH to the following people who made WordCamp Philippines a big success and an enjoyable experience!!!

First off, the bloggers who helped us coordinate and supervise the young ones:

And to the wonderful, hardworking, and energetic volunteers from CSB Computer Business Association and the Association of Information Management led by Angelique De Leon and Luigi Dollosa who were both very, very helpful and hardworking. The other CSB volunteers were:

  • Caseylyn Pantaleon
  • Bernadette Buhat
  • Louie Lam
  • Junette Villahermosa
  • Stephanie Tiu
  • Evita Gatpandan
  • Melissa Moulic
  • Sheena Payabyab
  • Christie Garte
  • Ruther Evasco
  • Vince Morales
  • Miguel Cueto
  • Theo Collantes
  • Tasha Reyes
  • Aldrich Dorado
  • Angelie Alcoriza
  • Shelyn Chua
  • Marylyn Lim

Most of these students knew very little about WordPress or blogging, but they still worked hard and persevered even if some of them didn’t have shirts or badges. They were there when they were needed, and didn’t ask for anything in return. If any of you need a character reference for employment or other purposes, I shall help you out. 🙂


Photos courtesy of PhotoDrew.


11 Responses to “Thank You to the WordCamp Volunteers!”

  1. Yeah, thanks, volunteers! If it weren’t for you guys, we probably wouldn’t have enjoyed WordCamp. Haha!

  2. namiss ko yung WordCamp… everybody is nice and easy to work with…. Congratulations…. Astig talaga ang WordCamp

  3. yeah, congratulations for a job well done 😀

  4. Oh my, I missed the event! Where was I back then? What was I doing?

  5. namiss ko rin yung WordCamp!!! can’t wait for next year’s WordCamp!! wohoo!!

  6. we had a great team! 😉 twas a pleasure meeting and working with everybody. as in!

  7. 7 funnysexy

    Girl, I swear… You all deserve the applause and praises of the blogosphere ‘coz that was one hell of an event. I really feel honored to have been a part of it. 😉 *hugs*

  8. I agree with Gwen, we really had a great team. Sa uulitin. 😀

  9. 9 migs

    Tayo tayo ulit next year!!!!!

  10. i WOULD definitely want to be part of it again!hehe. Thanks for the experience!thanks to the bunch of nice people like ate Gwen and others:D

  11. c u in wordcamp 2009! =)

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