Blogger for Sale?


Patricio Mangubat has exposed very disturbing news about an unidentified blogger:

I found it rather revolting to learn that some bloggers (I would not mention names here since I exercise ethics in this site) are selling themselves to the highest bidder. Yes, they are selling their very souls to corporate Public Relations practitioners (and Malacanang press operators). Worst, some blogger even sold their own colleagues to these reputation agents for reportedly a huge fee. A list supposedly exist, with the names of political and non-political bloggers and given to a politico who reportedly paid this blogger a huge sum.

Quite a shocking revelation, I must say. One that should shake every blogger (Filipino or otherwise) to his very core. I, for one, consider myself a professional blogger. But only because I treat blogging as a profession and not as a hobby or past time. (Believe me, I don’t earn a lot from blogging).

That aside, I am appalled and very much disturbed by the news shared by Pat. Endorsing or promoting a product or service for a fee is very much different from endorsing or promoting a politician for a fee. Now, I may forgive, understand, and even tolerate a blogger who promotes a beauty product or an apparel for a fee. But endorsing a politician for a fee is a totally different thing. Somebody who sincerely and honestly endorses and campaigns for a politician should also be set apart from somebody who is PAID for it. I, for one, take political blogging seriously. I never blog about a topic, issue, or advocacy unless I can blog about it sincerely and in depth. Similarly, I never endorse or campaign for a candidate or politician unless I truly believe in him/her and in his/her platform.

It is also quite disturbing that a blogger would sell a list of bloggers. Doing so would encourage the idea that bloggers and blogs are for sale. Some bloggers might be open to the idea of sponsorships, advertisements, and x-deals, but not all of us are. I, for one, do not sell my political views and opinions to the highest bidder. And any politician who attempts to buy it would immediately lose my respect.

Bloggers, our blogs, our views and opinions are not for sale. Certainly, not most of us.


10 Responses to “Blogger for Sale?”

  1. 1 L.A.

    This destroys the very essence of blogging. I am certainly NOT FOR SALE.

  2. This news is really sad 😦

  3. this news is weird…then it would be very negative on filipino bloggers’ side…then ung bias…

  4. i find it odd. how much do bloggers cost these days?

    i’m pissed, as usual, nothing new there, but this is bothering.

  5. 5 thegreatest

    If there’s something bloggers are good at, it’s in revealing information and calling people out, whoever they are, be they politicians, industry people, or fellow bloggers. They should have no fear of retaliation or

    I don’t buy this crap until I see proof. Like I mentioned in another comment, if you’re going to be doing blind items and spreading rumors, then you’re no better than that guy…er, gay on The Buzz.

    My point is, if you’re going to be calling people out, GET SOME BALLS and name names. IF you are privy to such information, then other bloggers deserve to know, the blogger in question deserves to be named (so his credibility as a blogger, reporter, journalist, tribe leader can be questioned, to keep this supposed bloggers world …. clean.

  6. 6 thegreatest


    cont.: They should have no fear of retaliation or repercussions if they truly believed their information is true.

  7. it’s very disappointing to learn about this 😦

  8. I wonder if this is true myself. If such a list exists, I wonder if these people are even aware they are in it.

  9. Hi Ria! I found out about your blog in the list. Good job!

    One thing I learned in iblog5 last Saturday is that a blogger defines for himself what it is to be a success. If its number of hits, # of posts, and adbuys.

    Just keeping it real.

    Onwards and Forward!

  1. 1 The Marocharim Experiment » Get Me Beer, You Get TMX

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