What Type of Blogger Are You?


Carlo Ople‘s post on the Four Types of Bloggers has received quite a lot of attention for different reasons. I, for one, find the classification of bloggers to be very simplistic as there are bloggers of different shapes, sizes, and forms with varying goals, ideals, and purposes. However, for the purpose that he has stated, that is for “companies who want to tap bloggers,” then his classification will suffice.

I, for one, make it a policy to attend or take part in blogging events or activities only when the topic interests me or is within the scope of any of my blogs’ niches. Having said that, I believe I am a combination of all four types of bloggers: Hobby, Journal, and Value.

My blogs Shoppingera, Chikadora, Technomaria, and Davao Poker, among others, are blogs borne from my interest and enthusiasm for their niches. To a certain extent, some of these so-called hobby blogs have their own following / community and have somehow influenced their individual industries.

I am, however, no authority in all the topics I blog about. Take shopping or local entertainment, I am no experts or have no tangible authority on these topics, but somehow, I blog about these topics. And most of my posts on these hobby blogs are actually experiences or insights on the topics. So to a certain extent, I am a journal blogger on these hobby blogs.

Apart from these blogs, I have four blogs that are purely journal types: Life With Ria, Work With Ria, Ria on Tumblr, and the Life with Ria Vlog. In these blogs, I blog about almost anything I can think of that don’t fall into the niche or scope of my niche blogs. The basis of most of the posts on the blogs are my experiences, recent or from the distant past, from which I try to reflect on or gain insight. Some posts however, are published for the sake of publishing, either to preserve or to share the memory.

While these blogs are mostly journal blogs, the readership is quite impressive (for me anyway). I believe that my readership has gone beyond my circle of friends or family, mostly because of the exposure I have had offline. To a certain degree, some bloggers or readers already know who I am even before they meet me. And surprise, surprise… they find me interesting and the things I write, of some value to them. That is, I think, why I classify myself as a value blogger.

I appreciate the time and effort that people I don’t even know take just to visit my blog and comment. I value my readers more than I value the cash or popularity that my blog can bring me. I put utmost care in the things I blog and what I blog about. As much as possible, I give great value to my credibility as a blogger and as I person. While I am open to deals and such things, I would never endorse or blog about something I do not personally use, believe, or care about. I apply this principle to all my blogs including Alleba Politics and My Davao City.

Finally, while I am no SEO expert and minimally care about SERPs, I am also a Google blogger, in as far as I do some SEO work on my blogs. I link, take note of keywords, and occasionally examine my blog statistics. And in times of boredom, I do check out the SERPs and my blogs’ page ranks.

So there you go, I am each of the four, but I think, only because I have so many blogs and have totally immersed myself in blogging. 🙂

What about you? What type of blogger are you?

Kudos to Carlo Ople for the very simple but insightful post! 🙂


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