Working for Gratis


Working for gratis is providing services for free or free of charge. I have, as you have probably also, done it many, many times. I don’t care to count and I don’t really mind doing so.

However, this doesn’t mean that individuals or companies should take advantage of this.

I am open to conducting workshops and trainings for free. I even help out budding bloggers the basics of blogging. And yes, I will help you out market or promote your products and services for free if I like those products and services.

Working for gratis gives me a chance to practice my skills and improve my work experience. More importantly, it gives me a chance to help out people who deserve the help. It creates goodwill and gives me a much larger network.

I enjoy working for gratis because there is, for me, an inexplicable joy in helping out people and companies especially when they share the same passions as I do.

On the other hand, no, I won’t and will never work for gratis for a company who has treated me unfairly, who has hired and fired me for unexplained or unsubstantiated reasons. And yes, I will overcharge you if you do decide to re-hire me.

I am not hard to deal with and I often undercharge for my services as long as you treat me properly. Otherwise, do not even expect a line, catchphrase or a single photo from me.

So yes, I am very much willing to lend a helping hand to those who need it, whether you need a write up, a speech, photos, coverage, an emcee, a facilitator, or whatever skill you need from me. I don’t require much from you, just treat me fairly. 🙂


2 Responses to “Working for Gratis”

  1. thank for your willingness to work for gratis.

  2. hi,

    kudos, i wish more people had an attitude like yourself.


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