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Working for gratis is providing services for free or free of charge. I have, as you have probably also, done it many, many times. I don’t care to count and I don’t really mind doing so. However, this doesn’t mean that individuals or companies should take advantage of this. I am open to conducting workshops […]

The Club is looking for part-time writers and bloggers who are interested in writing about the following topics: Elections Travel Business Palawan OFW Filipino Migrants

Being on Time


Two of the things I hate most are being late and waiting for other people. As somebody who maintains multiply jobs, I have days during which my schedule is tight, and there is no room for error. It is on these days, when I set my phone or my Google Calendar to alarm multiple times, […]

There’s a connection problem with the WiFi here at a local cafe. I can’t connect to Google Talk. I can’t access Google, or any Google Site. I can’t access, among others: Google Reader Google Mail and all Google Apps Mail Accounts Blogger / Blogspot Google Adsense Google Analytics Google Docs Google Calendar And YouTube is […]

Click to see full-sized image at source. I found the comic from The Joy of Tech very funny, mostly because I can relate to it. Well, it’s not really funny. I’ve been cranky lately because of work-related stress. Having more 1 one job is very, very stressful. And the universe aligned the stars so all […]