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Avatar Media


A group of multi-talented, multi-tasking bloggers has banded together to offer new media products and services under one banner, Avatar Media. Avatar Media is a new media outfit in Davao City that aims to bridge the gap between the Internet and business intelligence. With our unique solutions and tools, we are ready to take on […]

High resolution readable link here For my column feature this week, I wrote about the different events, tournaments, and the champions of the month of June of the Metro Card Club Davao (MCCD). I was part of all those events, being part of the marketing team of the MCCD.

Carlo Ople‘s post on the Four Types of Bloggers has received quite a lot of attention for different reasons. I, for one, find the classification of bloggers to be very simplistic as there are bloggers of different shapes, sizes, and forms with varying goals, ideals, and purposes. However, for the purpose that he has stated, […]

All interested advertisers, bloggers, and other online publishers are invited to be part of our upcoming New Media Company. As a company based in Davao City, we will be concentrating our efforts on Mindanao-based entities. We are, however, not limiting our business to the area. We will be announcing our complete list of services soon. […]

A certain blogger has been barraged by an onslaught of damaging labels and accusations. But instead of getting worried and defending himself, said blogger has been basking in the publicity he has gotten from the accusations. Should he or shouldn’t he? In my opinion, as a blogger who works in the IT industry, this person […]