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PR 0


I was sad to find out that my first niche blog, Alleba Politics has gone down from PR 4 to PR 0 in the last PR update. Hmmm… I’m sad and feel helpless. I am blaming all the scrapers for it. Advertisements

My blog, My Davao City, is number three in Google for the search term “Davao City.” YEY! YEY! YEY! 🙂

Here’s a summary of some of my blogs’ achievements for 2007: My Davao City, Shop Chicks, and Chikadora were nominated for the Philippine Blog Awards (nominated lang, LOL!) Two of my blogs are in the Top 100 Blogs of Mentioned as “Bubbling Under” in Basapa’s Top Pinoy Bloggers 2007 6 of my 11 blogs […]

Here’s the Blog Juice of my 11 blogs according to the Blog Juice Calculator: Blog Juice Blog Bloglines Alexa Technorati Links 2.1 Alleba Politics 9 55,247 154,301 98 1.9 Life with Ria 4 331,618 87,977 115 1.8 DotA Strategy Blog 1 10,753 962,510 36 1.7 My Davao City 2 422,406 179,538 172 1.6 Chikadora 5 […]