Globe Digital Tribe Trophy

Globe Digital Tribe Trophy

I am happy to announce (although very belatedly) that my personal blog, Life with Ria has been awarded with the Globe Digital Tribe Award during the Philippine Blog Awards Mindanao Awards Night held during the 3rd Mindanao Bloggers’ Summit at Cagayan de Oro City a few weeks ago.

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Noted photographer slash blogger slash journalist Ate Jojie Alcantara has offered to conduct a Photojournalism for Bloggers Workshop. The workshop is open to all interested bloggers.

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I for one do not mind being called obscure. But I find it quite disturbing when all bloggers are defined, qualified, or generalized as obscure.

The Mindanao Daily Mirror (Your Exponent of Truth and Progress) published the above editorial today, August 3, 2009 on page 3. And I quote:

Now that Cory Aquino has passed, and the tears have been shed and tributes shared, where does the country go from here? Everyone, from former and incumbent presidents to world leaders, from business tycoons to entertainment moguls, and from former “yellow Friday” activists to obscure blog writers — all have expressed some grief (for the loss of an icon) and gratitude (for the legacy she has left behind).

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July 01 ArticleHigh resolution readable link here

For my column feature this week, I wrote about the different events, tournaments, and the champions of the month of June of the Metro Card Club Davao (MCCD). I was part of all those events, being part of the marketing team of the MCCD.

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