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High resolution readable link here For my column feature this week, I wrote about the different events, tournaments, and the champions of the month of June of the Metro Card Club Davao (MCCD). I was part of all those events, being part of the marketing team of the MCCD.

Time to get your hands off your keyboard, and your eyes off your monitor… it’s time to get social, bloggers!!! What: Davao Bloggers’ Party 2008 When: 7 pm, June 14, 2008 Where: Toto’s Bar, Casa Leticia, J. Camus Street, Davao City Who: Davao bloggers of all shapes, sizes, interests, platforms, and niches

My Davao City’s keyword campaign for “Davao” has started. Please proceed to My Davao City to know the details. If you win, you get either plane tickets to and from Davao City or free hosting for one year. Click here to know the details. Good luck! 🙂

After the successful trips to Zakoya where we enjoyed a Japanese Buffet, and Taj Minar where we had a spicy Indian lunch, Davao bloggers are going to enjoy more delicious free food. Tomorrow, we will be enjoying lunch at Belly’s Grill. I hope they will serve us their heavenly baked scallops, grilled seafoods, and heart […]

My blog, My Davao City, is number three in Google for the search term “Davao City.” YEY! YEY! YEY! 🙂