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Organized by the US Embassy March 25, 2010 Marco Polo Plaza Cebu Discussions are confidential. 1:30 pm The Challenge of Comprehensive Press Coverage Before, During, and Post-Elections Eileen G. Mangubat, Cebu Daily News Publisher 2:27 pm Reporting Under Challenging Conditions; Journalists and Human Rights; Press Freedom Edwin O. Fernandez, DXMS/DXOL Cotabato City Station Manager Brief […]

Filipino bloggers have certainly caused quite a stir online and offline, from Malu Fernandez to Desperate Housewives, atheism and theism, ethics and misrepresentation, Filipino bloggers certainly have mouthfuls blogfulls to say about issues. This year, Filipino bloggers were given by a heavy task by Janette Toral. She tagged several Filipino bloggers, me included, to tackle […]